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Software Consulting

Software Consulting is required by every business looking for consistent and efficient growth. It involves assessment of your current software and current business needs, finding the gap between them and making a strategy to fill this gap.

Software Staffing

Staffing services require a lot of time and effort to choose the right candidates and train them. With our database and keen insight into the industries we work for, we understand the needs of each sector. We look closely into the needs of our clients before we extend our staffing services and find the most suited candidates for our clients to handle their business software.

Software Design & Development

Engineers have a way of bringing wild ideas to life through coding and programming. Our software designers and developers do exactly the same. With their innovative ideas and creative minds, they design and develop customized software to cater to the diversified needs of our clients.

IT Support

IT support is much-needed support for every business. With a rise in IT applications in every industry, a foolproof IT support system is also needed to ensure that the company runs smoothly 24/7. The IT support team is responsible for continuous monitoring and resolution of problems in your IT infrastructure.

Software Development For Startups

At NorthStar Logix, we get the best coders from around the world to come together and build next-generation software for startups. We are a platform that helps you discover, connect, and collaborate with developers for your next big idea.

Software Development For Startups
Custom Enterprise Software Development

Custom Enterprise Software Development

Would you like exciting challenges and innovative technology that leads the market? Do you have great ideas that need to transform into reality? With our custom enterprise software development, we will work with you to create the perfect product - giving your business the right solution at a reasonable price.

MVP Software Development

We are proud to be able to bring innovative ideas, creative minds, and customized MVP software development solutions to help our clients achieve their goals. We have been working in the field of IT industry with a professional team; who are dedicated and passionate about the work they do.

MVP software development
Remote IT Staffing

Remote IT Staffing

IT staffing is the process of finding, hiring, and managing a team of employees to work on various business software. Our remote IT staff provides services for clients in the US and abroad.

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